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Photo Gallery: First days of Oakland Athletics 2019 minor league spring mini-camp

The Oakland A’s minor league spring mini-camp is underway. We have photos from the early days of camp.

Group stretch at spring mini-camp. Photo by Kimberly Contreras
The players warm up at A's spring mini-camp. / Photo by Kimberly Contreras

Oakland A’s minor league spring mini-camp is underway at Fitch Park in Mesa, Arizona. More than 30 A’s minor leaguers are participating in the camp, which is a lead-up to regular minor league spring training that begins in March.

The following players are participating in the camp (note: the list below is the official roster. Other players have reported early and are participating even though they aren’t on the official spring mini-camp roster):

Pitchers (17)

Ben Bracewell
Sam Bragg
Chase Cohen
Joe DeMers
Zack Erwin
Brady Feigl
John Gorman
Richard Guasch
Brian Howard
Daulton Jefferies
Pat Krall
Wyatt Marks
Trey McNutt
James Naile
Joel Seddon
Gus Varland
Corey Walter

Catchers (4)

Cesare Astorri
John Jones
J.J. Schwarz
Collin Theroux

Infielders (5)

Nick Allen
Edwin Díaz
Jermey Eierman
Kevin Merrell
Alfonso Rivas

Outfielders (7)

Lazaro Armenteros
Austin Beck
Dairon Blanco
Greg Deichmann
Jameson Hannah
Mark Payton
Tyler Ramirez

Below is a slideshow of photos from spring mini-camps’ early days. All photos are by Kimberly Contreras.

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