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From the archives: Q&A with Oakland A’s 2007 2nd round pick Grant Desme

Recently, the Oakland A’s have had success drafting and developing OFs. In 2002, the A’s drafted Nick Swisher, and he was in the majors by 2004. In 2005, the A’s took Travis Buck, and he was in the majors by 2007. This year, the A’s selected two OFs in the second round who have a chance to move quickly through the minors. One of those OFs, Grant Desme, is eager to sign and get his career started.

Grant Desme / Photo by Chris Lockard
Grant Desme / Photo by Chris Lockard

Name: Grant Desme
School/Year: Cal-Poly/ Junior
Position: OF
Bats: Both
Round Selected: Second

Short Bio: Desme began his collegiate career at San Diego State, playing under Tony Gwynn. After transferring to Cal-Poly, he eventually earned the Big West Conference’s Triple Crown in 2007¬†despite breaking his wrist towards the end of the season. He had double-digit homeruns and stolen bases for the Mustangs. Desme is the fourth highest selection in Cal-Poly history. Desme was a Louisville Slugger Second Team All-American in 2007. He was honorable mention All-Big West Conference in 2006. Desme played some infield as a freshman at San Diego State and in high school, but was an outfielder at Cal-Poly. He grew up in the Bakersfield, California area.

OaklandClubhouse: Congratulations on being drafted. Where were you when you found out that you were selected?

Grant Desme: Thanks! I was in San Luis Obispo when we heard.

OC: Were you expecting to be drafted around the spot that you did?

GD: Sort of. We had talked to a few people and we thought it was possible that I’d be selected around that area.

OC: Did you know that Oakland had had an interest in you?

GD: Not really. I hadn’t filled out anything [for the A’s]. I had talked to a scout and that was about it.

OC: You had a wrist injury at the end of this season at Cal-Poly. Is that pretty much healed at this point?

GD: No, I’m still in a cast right now. I am actually going tomorrow to get it off.

OC: What kind of a rehab are the expecting you to have after the cast comes off?

GD: I’ve heard about two or three weeks [before he starts swinging again].

OC: At this point, are you leaning towards signing or going back for your senior season?

GD: I definitely plan on signing.

OC: What were your considerations when you were deciding about whether you’d rather sign or go back to school?

GD: I never really thought about coming back for my senior year. I felt like I was ready and playing pro ball has always been my dream, so I thought that if given a chance [to go pro], that is the direction I’d want to go.

OC: You had a huge year at Cal-Poly before getting hurt. Were there any adjustments that you made that allowed you to have such a big year?

GD: Just finding an approach at the plate that really gave me a chance to succeed.

OC: Is there a particular outfield position that you prefer to play?

GD: I like to play center, but I don’t mind playing the corners either.

OC: Was there a team or a player that you grew up watching?

GD: I followed the Yankees. Derek Jeter is my favorite player. I used to be a shortstop, so when I was playing over there, I tried to follow him. I definitely followed Jeter in terms of seeing how hard he plays the game and trying to be like that.

OC: What are you expecting out of pro ball? Have you heard much about it from former teammates?

GD: Just that it is a lot of fun. [laughs]

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